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2022 Hollywood Beauty Predictions

Whether you want to age like Jennifer Aniston, Kris Jenner, JLo or Angelina Jolie taking care of your health and skin is a priority. I don’t know who needs to hear this but “Olive oil” isn’t the answer to everlasting youth. Some choose filler and Botox others opt for microneedling and facials. We’re here to predict what beauty services are here to stay or educate on ones you may have never heard of. 

Botox & Filler: It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that Botox and Fillers are here to stay! Whether it is a soft plump lip or changing the way you look entirely it can be done with Filler. While we prefer the natural look and enhancing your own beautiful features everyone is aware of at least one person who does not look the same after starting filler. Botox is loved by so many and for good reason. Relaxing the muscle with neurotoxins preventing your self from making these lines that lead to wrinkles is not only an excellent way to stay looking youthful but also has benefits such as treating headaches and TMJ. Botox needs to be done roughly every 3 months and Filler is about every 6 months to a year depending on the kind and how your body breaks it down. 

Nonsurgical Facelift: Facelifts have been around for a while but they require extensive downtime and horrible side effects such as a headache that can last a year. The pros while to some are worth it, to most they do not outweigh the cons. Which is why we know Nonsurgical facelifts such as an 8 point filler injection or what we specialize in the VirtueRF Facelift are a must this coming up year. While facelifts are usually started around the age of 50 years old and up these options women and men are taking advantage of starting in their early thirties. The reason being is it is soft and subtle. The lines in the neck have already started to form and age some patients as early as 27 years old which is why we love the VirtueRF. We can get rid of this in 1 to 3 treatments, no problem. We also love the VirtueRF because it is your own collagen repairing your sagged skin and texture inducing the elasticity and elastin. Our patients have seen SIGNIFICANT results in a matter of a few treatments looking 10-15 years younger. If you’re going for a Joan Rivers look neither of these options would work for you but if you want something timeless these are great options. 

Radio Frequency Body Contouring: Radio frequency body contouring devices and ultra sound technology have shown time and time again they work for fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite. If done by a professional and a medical grade FDA cleared device you will see results in a matter of week(s). We have the Venus Legacy which is an excellent device. By using radio frequency and pulse electro magnetic fields we are able to contour your body and melt your fat like butter draining it out your lymphatic system. This treatment is relatively riskless with little to no side effects and a very high success rate. Other devices such as cool sculpting or caviation (which is not medical grade) have success rates of below 20%. Given the “in style” body frames and and shapes we believe this will still be a must do in 2022. 

Rhinoplasty: In 2021, rhinoplasties surpassed breast augmentations for the most-performed surgery, and we don’t see this stopping in 2022. 

Facials: Taking care of our skin is a necessity but shockingly enough so many haven’t thought so until recently. With so many having never worn SPF, using a $5 generic cleanser, and lack of moisture and good ingredients our skin have been SCREAMING for our attention. Facials are a cost effective and easy way to take care of our skin without putting much thought into it. It is also such an underrated luxury you can give yourself. Facial services were on the rise in 2021 and we don’t see it slowing down. 

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