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Better Than Ozempic

Elixir Aesthetics has already discussed the new weightloss prescription Semaglutide. While it appears many people are on it there are actually few who are candidates for this prescription. Semaglutide is also rather expensive and can be over $1000 a month. That is why Vonnie has created a protocol that will give similar effects of Semaglutide with less side effects, more cost effective, and is available to more people. 

Elixir Aesthetics is combining our peptide 5-amino-1mq as well as Metformin to create a similar effect of Semaglutide except with more health benefits. All weightloss candidates must have recent lab work and a consult with Vonnie prior to obtaining a prescription. This alternative requires no injections and is safer than other options on the market.

5-amino-1mq works by stunting NNMT production, NNMT inhibition significantly increases energy expenditure and reduces weight as well as white adipose mass. Metformin works by increasing lactic acid by speeding up metabolism and controlling blood sugars. Together these are a powerful weightloss combination that also has several health benefits from the 5-amino-1mq. 5-amino-1mq helps increase NAD+ levels which has been shown to help DNA repair among other things.