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Holistic Approach to Hormone Deficiency

Hormone deficiency or unbalanced hormones have been blamed on age for a long time.  It is true, as we age, hormones will adjust and sometimes be non-existent in our bodies.  People will complain of decreased energy, inability to lose weight, sleep patterns are bad, sex drive being low, and foggy brain.  These are all symptoms of hormone imbalance indeed.  There are a few problems though.  It doesn’t just happen with age, and it isn’t just corrected with hormone replacement therapy. 

            Since treating patients with hormone replacement, I am not just seeing retired, post-menopausal women.  I am treating men and women in their twenties and older.  I am seeing very active, athletes and sedentary clients.  I have found with hormone therapy alone that sure symptoms seem to decrease as labs balance out but clients who are holistically approaching their self-care are doing much better.

            Clients who are taking care of their bodies with adequate amounts of sleep, eating clean, organic, non-processed diets, staying hydrated with water versus caffeine or sugary or artificially sweetened beverages, and exercising regularly with anaerobic and aerobic workouts have far more favorable results.  Studies have shown that by exercising along you will see a natural increase of testosterone, DHEA, and growth hormone with aerobic and anaerobic exercise, according to the Journal of Gerontology.  Also, your Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin is reduced with exercise meaning you are utilizing SHBG to move your hormones, especially testosterone to be utilized efficiently.

            Hormone therapy has been given a bad rap because of poor studies done that stated that increase risk of cardiovascular risk.  These studies have been debunked.  According to the Lancet of Diabetes and Endocrinology by optimizing hormones in women, particularly testosterone, reduces cardiovascular risk and improves heart health and reduces risk of stroke and myocardial infarctions.

            Here at Elixir we practice ethically.  Labs are reviewed and treatment is recommended based on your own individual results and wellness goals.  You are monitored regularly, and we are available for your questions and concerns throughout your treatment.  We also have partnerships with health coaches/athletic trainers to help with your wellness goals for diet and exercise so you can help manage your hormones from the inside out.