Let’s talk a little bit about testosterone

Testosterone is one of the primary sex hormones. Having balanced testosterone levels are important for both men and women. Men’s testicles make testosterone and in women testosterone is made in the ovaries. While both genders produce testosterone. Testosterone therapy is primarily linked to men which is not the case. Both men and women can have low testosterone and no matter the gender if your testosterone levels are low or you are not producing it at all you will need testosterone replacement therapy. The most common symptoms for both men and women are loss of muscle mass, low libido, hair loss, hair thinning, fatigue, brain fog, mood changes including depression, increased cardiovascular risk and fertility issues. Men can also experience erectile dysfunction, gynecomastia, and testicular shrinkage. Your testosterone levels will vary as you age but hormonal changes will also occur secondary to outside factors as well. Low testosterone can be caused by diet , eating disorders, over training, chemotherapy, certain medications, abnormal gland function, hysterectomy, breast feeding, post menopause, and breastfeeding. If you have the symptoms listed above the best plan of action is to get lab work done and discuss the results with a provider. It is highly recommended to use a provider that is certified in hormone replacement therapy as they know all the options available to you, know more potential side effects another physician may not, and know what to do if you do come across any side effects during your testosterone replacement therapy. There are various testosterone replacement therapy options. The most common and most recommended treatments include gels and creams, injections, testosterone patch, and implantable pellets. It is best to discuss which treatment is best for you with your provider.

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