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Sierra Brown

If you have been into Elixir Aesthetics or attended any of our events than you have probably met Sierra. Sierra is the owner of Elixir Aesthetics, also known as Denver Skin Boss (@denverskinboss) on Instagram! Sierra has always been passionate about health, skin, and beauty which is why Elixir was born! 

There was once a time Sierra struggled with acne herself. Cystic and hormonal acne from chin to forehead that she couldn’t get rid of and once she did learn how to clear up the active breakouts she was left with pitted and pigmented scarring. 

Going through this process made her fall more and more in love with health, skin and beauty fueling the motivation and drive to help others achieve the confidence that this process gave her! Hormone balance was a big part of her acne journey which is why Elixir Aesthetics also has a hormone and integrative medicine practitioner. The other obviously components were skin care and VirtueRF treatments of which we offer at Elixir Aesthetics as well. 

In her career she has both worked in and managed salons and spas which is why hair restoration is also something we offer as this can effect someone’s confidence just as much as someone’s skin and health. 

We hope to help every single client who walks through our door with what ever their aesthetic needs may be and have them leaving feeling revived and refreshed ready to take on the town. We’re here to help you stay young, be active, live your life.