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Vitamin D Deficiency

Nine months out the year the majority of the population are Vitamin D deficient.  Natural Vitamin D is obtained from the sun.  If you have fair skin, you should have 10-30 minutes three to five days during the week of direct sunlight on the majority of your skin without the use of sunblock.  If you have darker skin, you have to have 30-45 minutes several days a week.  In Colorado, it is not possible to get that much sunlight because of our seasons and temperature variances.  Not only that but the more sun exposure the higher risk of skin cancer. In order to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D when you aren’t able to be in the sun, you have to consume Vitamin D by way of food or supplements.

           The most common symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include fatigue, bone and muscle pain, muscle cramps, mood changes including increased anxiety, slower healing wounds, and brittle hair or hair can fall out.

            Vitamin D is essential for our bodies.  It promotes calcium absorption in our digestive system and blood.  With adequate levels in the blood stream it then will lead to effective mineralization of bone and decrease your risk of osteoporosis.  

            Daily requirements may very but I would recommend 2,000 IU to 10,000 IU daily and take it with your Omega 3 supplements for better absorption.  

            As we approach the winter months, our team at Elixir Aesthetics would be happy to do a wellness panel, including a Vitamin D level, and give you an individualized consultation to discuss your results and give you specific recommendations.  We offer 50,000 IU vitamin packets where you take one capsule once a week and get adequate Vitamin D for the week created by our pharmacist or we can give you weekly, biweekly, and monthly injections of Vitamin D. We also have it available in our specialty drip IVs. With how crucial Vitamin D is we find it important to give our patients the easiest and most efficient options!

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