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Why Are Hormones So Important?

Weight loss management and hormone replacement therapy within a medical spa setting is atypical way of caring for patients.  In most medical settings medication is handed out to treat diseases like managing high blood pressure and diabetes.  From this setting we are able to help people with their health and wellness goals to hopefully prevent or eliminate chronic illnesses.  

If clients would like to lose weight, we have many options to consider. We treat a variety of clients who are highly active to fairly sedentary.  We order labs to evaluate your initial health. We are able to see if your thyroid is working appropriately.  Are your hormones balanced and at optimal levels?  We gather your personal and family history to evaluate risk of chronic illnesses and conditions.  We ask about current diet and exercise.  We educate about lifestyle modifications and ways of monitoring food intake and calories and ways of incorporating physical activity.  We then sit down and come up with a plan to discuss goals.  Do you need an appetite suppressant?  Do you want to try to optimize your hormone levels for improved energy mental clarity, and sex drive? Do you need thyroid replacement?  Once we have a plan in place, we follow up with you in 30-60 days to see what symptoms have changed, how you are feeling, and do we need to change the plan to help you get to your goal. 

Besides these options, we are able to offer peptide therapy as well.  Peptides have many functions that can help with weight loss, fat loss, improve recovery in injuries, and boost natural hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone, and help slow down the aging process of skin.

As a nurse practitioner I believe that preventative health care is key to a long, healthy life.  I am pleased to help people in their wellness journey, help set goals, and optimize the path with hormone replacement, peptides, and other helpful pharmaceuticals.

-Vonnie, NP, HRT and Integrative Medicine Certified